“There are only three things you really need in life: a big dream, a terrific plan, and a fabulous shoe collection.”
-Ophelia von Hairball V, Snazzy Cat Capers

This adorably punny story is the purrfect middle grade read for the budding cat burglar in your life! Make sure to read to the bottom for your chance to win this book for your collection! Thanks to Raincoast Books for the review copy and giveaway copy!

Ophelia von Hairball V is an international sensation. Not just as a world-renowned burglar, but also as a total fasionista.

When the FFBI (Furry Feline Burglary Institute) offers its’ highest honour to her if she can steal the legendary Himalayan diamond, Ophelia is ready for the challenge. Except she gets stuck with Oscar Fishgerald Gold, an Inspector Gadget-type inventor, who is supposed to help her along. (P.S. If we ever get a fish I am 100% naming it Fishgerald.)

This book has:

  • a kick-butt female lead
  • a totally lovable sidekick
  • a rival unibrowed cousin named Pierre
  • the CCIA – Central Canine Intelligence Agency
  • teachable moments
  • friendship
  • disguises
  • terrific heist
  • Easter eggs for the grown-ups who happen be reading along
  • hostage taking
  • regular novel AND graphic novel-style pages
  • illustrations
  • so.many.puns.
  • a happy ending!

It’s safe to say this was a hit! A total page-turner.

This book would be a great bed time story to share, with perfect sized chapters for reading aloud. The simple text and comic style panels also make this an easy book for early middle-grade readers to enjoy on their own.

And Snazzy Cat Capers was written by Canadians so obviously has a special place in my heart! Find out more about them at www.snazzycatcapers.com

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