What do you call a dinosaur with one eye?

Title: T. Rex Time Machine
Author and Illustrator: Jared Chapman
Rating: 8
Source: Raincoast Books for review

Description from Goodreads:

When two hungry dinosaurs jump into a time machine, they’re transported to an unbelievable, magical, surreal future: RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW! On the T. Rexes’ madcap voyage into the unknown, they encounter the many wonders of the modern world: Police cars! Phones! Microwaves! They don’t know how they’ll get home—but why would they want to? Acclaimed author and illustrator Jared Chapman combines two favorite kid topics—time travel and dinosaurs—with bold colors, big jokes, and a hilarious escapade. This raucous, laugh-out-loud adventure will delight the very young and keep older readers giggling long into the future.

What I Thought:

A totally ridiculous and completely adorable story about two hapless dinosaurs who end up in the future! And the future is kind of amazing – between the pizza delivery and the grocery stores and the donut festival… what more could a dino need?

Well, maybe a little peace and quiet. You see, the local law enforcement don’t find the dinosaurs quite as wonderful as the dinosaurs find the future. For whatever reason. A chase ensues, and our slightly murderous protagonists must hightail it out of there. Unfortunately no one ever taught them how to operate a time machine. Oops.

T. Rex Time Machine is sure to delight both adults and kids. For the kids – dinosaurs, obviously, but also fast food, King Tut, and super cute illustrations. For the adults – cheeky endpapers and a day saved by none other than Siri herself.

My girls loved reading this book! And it sparked a lot of imaginative play time as well. Who doesn’t love to pretend to be a dinosaur?

We highly recommend this for all the prehistoric fans in your life!