“Stop copying me!” – Me, all the time growing up.
“Stop copying me!” – My brothers, every time I said that.

Thanks to Nosy Crow for the review copy!

Title: Copy Cat
Author and Illustrator: Ali Pye
Rating: 8
Source: Nosy Crow for review

Description from Goodreads:

Bella loves Anna. In fact, Bella loves Anna SO MUCH that she wants to be just like her, and copies every single thing she does. But like all little kittens, Bella and Anna get into a bit of a tangle…Between Bella’s wobbly efforts with a hula-hoop, her disastrous ballerina twirls and her catastrophic fancy dress attempts, Bella never quite gets the hang of things. And then Anna suddenly snaps – she’s had enough of Bella being SUCH a copycat! What is Bella going to do? With an adorable troupe of colourful kittens and vibrant illustrations, this is a light-hearted look at playground friendships and finding your own way.

What I Thought:

This book will be all too real for anyone with a younger sibling! And of course I think we’ve all had at least one friend that loves to copy everything we do. Which of course can be SUPER annoying.

This is the problem for Anna. Which then becomes a problem for Bella, since Anna thinks Bella is the problem. Big problems for everyone!

Luckily Bella is able to find something fun to do on her own! At first jumping rope is hard, but after she practices and practices she is able to do it! And she’s having such a great time jumping rope she doesn’t even notice another friend who wants to join. She teaches her as well and they have a marvelous time. Eventually even Anna forgets to be cranky and joins in the new fun.

The adorably bright illustrations are total eye-candy, and the cartoonish characters are a delight to behold.

I used this book to talk to my girls about copying, sharing, trying new things, and how to be a good friend. I could see this book being terrific to use in a Kindergarten class! We loved it.