The Other Dog has arrived – and Touche is not amused.

Title: The Other Dog
Author: Madeline L’Engle
Illustrator: Christine Davenier
Rating: 8.5
Source: Raincoast Books for review

Description from Goodreads:

Touche L’Engle-Franklin is confused: Her mistress goes away for several daysand then returns with another dog. But this dog doesn’t have a tail. She doesn’t have much hair. And she never has to go outside when it’s raining. What on earth could the family want with that inferior breed known as Baby? Based on the true tale of her own poodle’s experience coping with a new baby in the house, Newbery-winning author Madeleine L’Engle gives this familiar domestic drama an utterly charming new twist. Tongue-in-cheek wit, endearing illustrations, and a revealing author’s note make this a publishing event to celebrate.

What I Thought:

Okay first of all, who knew that Madeline L’Engle wrote picture books?! Seeing the author of this book made my heart happy.

Touche the dog has absolutely no time for the latest doggy addition to her home. The new dog is basically completely useless. (And is SO weird looking.) But despite this, she seems to be getting all the attention! (Although Touche is pleased to note that the new dog does NOT get to sleep in the big bed.)

Eventually Touche comes around and realises that perhaps this new dog isn’t so awful after all. They can keep her. 🙂

Despite not having a dog of our own, this story was very relatable since we just last month brought home a new little human! Her sisters sure love her, but it’s definitely a huge adjustment.

The illustrations are sketchy and lovely, and the gentle colour palette makes this a wonderful bed time story.

But the super interesting part of this book comes in the form of the author’s note at the end of the story. Madeline L’Engle tells us more about the real Touche! Make sure not to skip over that part!

The Other Dog would be the perfect baby shower gift for anyone with a pup whose life is about to change forever!