Lola Dutch is a little bit much. But that’s what makes life interesting! Lola is totally the definition of “extra.”

Title: Lola Dutch
Author: Kenneth Wright
Sarah Jane Wright
Rating: 9
Source: Raincoast Books for review

Description from Goodreads:

Meet Lola Dutch, a creative girl who is bursting with grand ideas.

From the best ways to serve breakfast — an elegant feast! — to the ideal sleeping spot — a majestic blanket fort, of course! — Lola is inspired all day long.

Her dear companion Bear sometimes says she is just too much, but Lola is rich with imagination and originality, which even Bear will agree is AMAZING.The unstoppable Lola Dutch is about to show you how to make every day grand and full of fun. You’ll love her so much!

What I Thought:

We love Lola Dutch. SO much!

This imaginative story follows Lola Dutch around an average day. But with Lola, days are anything but average. Why have cereal when you can have a banquet? Why get a few library books when you can check out half the shelves? Why paint a boring old picture when you could imitate the masters? Why go to sleep in a regular bed when you could make it into a fabulous castle?

The whimsy of the book is added to by the fact that Lola Dutch is the only human character – with a bear for a parent and a goose, crocodile and pig as siblings, the Wrights infuse every page with wonder.

I loved the little Easter Eggs for grown-ups – the Wrights include references to Marie Curie, Shakespeare, Monet, and Klimt which made me chuckle.

I also love a good book jacket, and this one delivers. Inside the jacket are two cut-out figures of Lola Dutch and the Bear, and printed on the rest of the jacket is a little play house! Such a cute idea!

This is a fantastic book sure to spark the imagination of any child who reads it. Lola Dutch is just the right amount of much!

Be sure to check out Sarah Jane Wright’s website with caution – I totally got sucked down the rabbit hole looking at all her gorgeous prints, embroidery patterns, and fabric! It’s all amazing!

What Evelyn Thought:

This book was kinda crazy! I liked the pictures, especially the pictures that they painted. My favourite one was the pig reading the book! And I loved when she looked like Shakespeare. Lola Dutch went to the library and borrowed I think too many books! She also had too many crazy ideas! But she had fun all day. But at night time she got a little bit too crazied out. She just needed Bear. Sometimes I feel that way, too, but about my Mom.