Barnett and Klassen had another book baby! And we’re in love!
Thanks to Candlewick Press for the review copy!

Title: Sqaure
Author: Mac Barnett
Jon Klassen
Rating: 9
Source: Candlewick Press for review

Description from Goodreads:

The beguiling second entry in the innovative shape trilogy by multi-award-winning, New York Times best-selling duo Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen.

This book is about Square. Square spends every day taking blocks from a pile below the ground to a pile above the ground. This book is also about Square’s friend Circle. Circle thinks Square is an artistic genius. But is he really? With the second story in a trilogy of tales about Triangle, Square, and Circle, Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen nudge readers toward a more well-rounded way of looking at things. Understated and striking in its simplicity, this funny, thoughtful offering from two of today’s most talented picture-book creators emphasizes the importance of keeping your eyes — and your mind — open to wonder where others see only rubble and rocks.

What I Thought:

Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen are a must-have duo in our house (The Wolf, the Duck, and the Mouse is one of my top 10 favourite picture books of all time.) So when this book arrived in the mail I was thrilled!

This time Square is the star, and he totally pulls it off.

Circle sees Square’s rock pile (rocks that happen to be square just like Square) and assumes that he is a master sculptor making dozens of self-portraits. When Circle requests a sculpture that looks like herself, Square doesn’t know what to do. He hasn’t been making the “sculptures” at all! After pulling an all-nighter that results in little more than a pile of rubble and a heap load of frustration, Square falls asleep in the middle of the debris. But after a rainstorm and thanks to some serendipitous rock placements, Circle comes (early!) to see his creation. And she loves it.

Klassen’s artwork is simply divine. If he could come and paint my entire house full of murals, I would die a happy woman. The texture, the expressions he can portray using only a set of eyes, the depth…. I love it all. He really is a genius!

Barnett’s weird imagination is perfect for telling stories for little people. And for the big people who get to read them. The pace of the story is excellent, and the expressions that Square uses in his frustration are fittingly cute.

We can’t wait to read about Circle!

What Evelyn Thought:

It was funny! I liked that Circle thought he was a genius but he totally wasn’t. Because he just found those blocks! I felt embarrassed for him! It wasn’t perfect since it was just a reflection of Circle, though Circle thought it was perfect. Which was pretty funny. I thought the sculpture was kind of ridiculous. But in a good way.