Looking for a way to have fun this summer that doesn’t involve a lengthy road trip or expensive flight? Check out Everyday Adventures, the inspirational guide from Lonely Planet that will have you exploring your hometown with new eyes!

Title: Everyday Adventures
Editor: Anita Isalska
Rating: 9
Source: Raincoast Books for review

Description from Lonely Planet:

Weave a little wonder into daily life with these fun and challenging activities – and experience your local area in a whole new way. Invite friends on a social adventure, follow your senses somewhere new and embark on a cultural odyssey.

Lonely Planet shows you how to embrace the traveller spirit and discover a new side to where you live. For each activity, we tell you what to bring and provide simple, easy-to-follow instructions to make it a success. You’ll also find a case study from someone who’s completed it, as well as surprising facts and anecdotes that shed light on the history and science behind each quirky quest.

What I Thought:

Since I’m now almost 36 weeks pregnant with our third child, this summer is looking pretty laid back for us. We’re not going to be travelling around and having adventures like we usually like to do in the warmer months! So when I got this book to review I was SO EXCITED. “50 new ways to experience your hometown” sounds like just what the doctor ordered for this hot, tired, and cranky mama!

There are five sections inside the book –

  • Follow Your Senses
  • Social Adventures
  • Challenge Yourself
  • Cultural Odysseys
  • Roll the Dice

And in each section there are ten adventures ready for you to enjoy, with different difficulty levels, so there’s definitely something in here for everyone.

There are also little blurbs from real life people who tried each adventure. It was fun to read about each person’s experiences and think about how they would differ from my own. And of course the little historical facts and contemporary tidbits offered in relation to each activity are informative and interesting! This book would be the perfect gift for the Wanderlusty person in your life.

From following your nose to camping in the backyard to trekking the path of a shape you draw on the map, I’m super stoked to try these adventures out with my little family. The Pint-Sized Tour Guide one in particular has captured my daughter’s imagination – for this adventure you simply ask a child to be in charge for a day! Sounds like heaven to her 🙂

What’s your favourite everyday adventure to do in your hometown?