The weather is finally beautiful here and that means we are loving being out and exploring! Check out these great titles to help chronicle your adventures from Lonely Planet, and enter to win one yourself! Let’s #ExploreEveryDay !

Our family loves Lonely Planet books, and these new titles are super fun! This season we’re participating in Lonely Planet‘s #ExploreEveryDay and we are so excited about it. Huge thanks to Raincoast Books for sending these my way for review.

Sticker World: Theme Park

This is a wonderful activity book with bright and bold colours! With places to stick stickers, draw, and colour, this is a great book for my girls to share. My oldest loves telling her sister what the directions for each page are. Their favourite activities were designing a park logo, building a map, finishing the pirate ship, and doing the maze. My husband’s favourite page was the Space Invaders-inspired arcade game!

I only let my kids play with this for a little bit before I hid it away again. I’m saving it for a road trip to the amusement park!



First Words: French

Such a cute first words book! Usually in books like this each page has a bunch of different objects with their English and French words listed, but this book is different since each page only has one object (with a few exceptions)! I actually love it.

With eye-catching colours and adorable cartoony illustrations, this is a perfect introductory book to the French language. And with a handy pronunciation guide under each word you can double check yourself before you try it yourself!





My Vacation Scrapbook

We’re going to Utah this summer and I am SO stoked to see what my daughter creates with this adorable book. Each page asks you to create something amazing with your souvenirs, ticket stubs, coins, receipts, and even food!

One of the best things about this book is it helps the child to be more involved and engaged in the trip itself. Activities include drawing one item from each restaurant you eat at, pages to record the weather using rain drops, a robot face-off for the best food, and building a trophy for the best day! All things that the child will have to be paying attention to complete!

I’m looking forward to the hours of silence this book will bring us, haha!


My Family Travel Map: North America

Maps are a new obsession in our house, and this interactive and fact-packed gigantic map is a terrific addition! It has been so fun putting stickers on all the places we’ve been as a family, and marking out places we would like to explore in the future. And of course the fun facts are right up my little nerd’s alley. I never knew “trick or treat” originated in Alberta!

I can’t wait to add more “Been Here!” stickers to our adventures.



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