We all have a pile of travel books in our houses to specific places – Hawaii, Mexico, Italy, etc. But this book takes it one step further and tells *you* where it thinks you should go. Based on feelings.

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Usually we buy travel books once we know where we are planning to take a trip. (We *loved* these books when we went to Hawaii.)

The Place to Be is a little different, since it will inspire and educate you about the best place to travel, which it does by harnessing the feeling you want most!

I live in Alberta, and there’s still like two feet of snow outside. The trip mood I’m in is basically “anywhere but here.” But if yours is a bit more nuanced than that, check out this list.

The Place to Be showcases 240 destinations all organized by the feeling they elicit.



Each chapter opens with a few paragraphs containing a fabulous quote or two and sets the tone for the places that follow. The story-style way of organizing the book makes this a fabulous book to just sit and peruse. And of course the drool-worthy pictures will have you packing your bags in about three pages flat.

This book suggests things you may have thought of – going to India for enlightenment, Louisiana for joy, and Rio de Janerio for passion. But it also gives you ideas you probably never would have suspected – go to Los Angeles to be alone, France for adventure, or Nicaragua for serenity.

Since this is a Lonely Planet book, you can be sure that you’ll receive tips about the best time of year to go, places to stay, closest airports, tour operators, and more, including websites to book them!

My fellow Canucks will be stoked about how much Canada was represented in this book (woohoo!) Come here for awe, serenity, amusement, adventure, or to be alone. Seems like we have a nice range of emotions in the Great White North!

Even if a vacation isn’t in the cards for you right now, this coffee table book can still help you escape into your emotions and imagination from the comfort of your couch.

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What emotion would you like to take a trip based on right now?

For me I would love a trip that brought me serenity.