Easter is right around the corner! If you want to cool it on the candy and put something a little more substantial in those Easter Baskets, I’ve got the perfect list for you!

Our kids get SO MUCH junk every holiday, it always helps my conscience feel a little better to offset that with something they’re still excited about, but that won’t rot their teeth. Here are some Easter books for kids – religious and generic – that I hope you’ll enjoy!

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Big Bunny – by Rowboat Watkins

We love Rowboat Watkins in our house, and his latest book is a hilarious story about a story – one that a parent is trying to tell and a child thinks needs some spicing up. Each time the parent tells about a new part of the tale, the kid pipes in with their suggestions to make it better. Very relatable! While this isn’t a specifically Easter book, it is about a bunny, and a total turkey of a bunny too!

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Happy Easter, Country Bunny – by Du Bose Heyward and Marjorie Flack

This adorable vintage (1939!) book has been made into a sturdy, egg-shaped board book perfect for tucking into little Easter baskets. Mother Bunny has been chosen as the Easter bunny for the year, and luckily she has taught her 21 little bunnies how to mind the house while she’s away. I was pleasantly surprised to see the chores divided up quite equitably between the genders – little boy bunnies are cooking and cleaning right alongside their little bunny sisters!

This book was also a great conversation starter with my own kids – “Look at the bunnies doing their chores! What nice little bunnies!” and the girls had to agree! 🙂 We love this book!

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Tiny the Canada Easter Bunny

My kids love books with Canada and Canadian flags and cities in them, so this one was a hit! After the Easter Bunny gets stuck in a log, a helpful elephant named Tiny agrees to deliver eggs in the rabbit’s place. But as you can guess, rabbits and elephants aren’t exactly interchangeable, and so Tiny runs into some trouble. Thankfully Tiny realizes that an elephant just needs to be an elephant, and an elephant’s skills can get the job done!

My girls loved this story about how the most important thing you can be is yourself. The cute illustrations and recognizable landmarks make this a great read!

Thanks again to Raincoast for the review copy!

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Celebrating a Christ-Centered Easter: Children’s Edition – by Emily Belle Freeman

This gorgeous book provides scriptures, pictures, and ideas for celebrating Easter and Christ. Many people from His life are pictured and talked about. A wonderful way to remind kids of the reason for the season!

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Duck and Goose, Here Comes the Easter Bunny! – by Tad Hills

We LOVE Duck and Goose, since Goose Needs a Hug was one of the first books my daughter ever really enjoyed as a baby, so of course I had to include this on the list. Duck and Goose try to find the Easter Bunny in their adorable ways, and with lots of cute eggs and pictures, it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

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The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story – by Jan and Mike Berenstain

Another cute picture book with a religious-themed Easter story.

The little bears think that Easter is all about candy – that’s what we talk about the most! But when they get to Sunday School they learn that Easter is about much more than candy. They watch a play about the real meaning of Easter, all with the lovable bear characters we grew up with.

This edition comes with stickers! Yay for stickers!

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The Golden Egg Book – by Margaret Wise Brown and Leonard Weisgard

Another vintage-y and beautiful book to tuck into a basket! By the author of Goodnight Moon, this story is about a curious little bunny who finds an egg, and wonders what on earth could be inside of it. (Spoiler – it’s a cute duckling!)

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There’s our list of Easter books for kids! Do you have a favourite Easter book?