Forever or a Day is a truly heartwarming tale about the power of time.

Title: Forever or a Day
Author and Illustrator: Sarah Jacoby
Rating: 8.5
Source: Raincoast Books for review

Description from Goodreads:

What does time mean to you? Sometimes it feels like it could last Forever or a Day.

The seconds that count in catching the bus;
The idyllic hours that slip by so quickly during a perfect day on the lake;
The summer days that disappear into blissful happiness . . .

Sarah Jacoby’s debut picture book as an author and illustrator is as elegant as a poem and as perfectly paced as a mystery.

This beautiful picture books follows an unassuming narrator through a meditation on time through the course of a single day. Inviting comparisons to Virginia Lee Burton and Margaret Wise Brown, this book’s musings on time are at once simple, peaceful, and profound—the work of a truly genius picture book maker.

What I Thought:

When we read through this book the first time I hadn’t read the blurb, so I didn’t know exactly what the story was talking about. It was fun trying to guess along with my kids! The mystery made the book all that more exciting.

After we read through to the big reveal we read the book again, and talked about all the different ways we look at time. Are we wasting it? Thinking too much about it? Not thinking enough? What ways do we like to spend time? How could we spend it better?

Books that are purely fun are of course wonderful, but I do like to read books like these to my girls that are thought-provoking and sentimental.

The warm, muted colours and soft lines add a whimsical and beautiful tone to the story. And there are so many cute elements thrown in – the German lederhosen-clad troupe was a great touch! And the newspaper truck was a terrific nod to the mystery of the story.

With minimal text to tell the story, a lot of the heavy lifting is done by the pictures, and these pictures can carry it easily.

I also LOVE when you peek under the dust cover and discover a little treasure – the illustration under the Forever or a Day jacket is a true gem.

What Evelyn Thought:

I liked it because I saw some things that had the word “times” on them that were hidden on the pages. It was fun to find them. The pictures were really good because they had a good illustrator. I liked the train part the best out of all of them.

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