This book about a girl weaseling her way into bed with her parents hit a little close to home for us! Haha!

Title: The Big Bed
Author: Bunmi Laditan
Illustrator: Tom Knight
Rating: 9
Source: Raincoast Books for review

Description from Goodreads:

From the creator of the Honest Toddler blog, The Big Bed is a humorous picture book about a girl who doesn’t want to sleep in her little bed, so she presents her dad with his own bed―a camping cot!―in order to move herself into her parents’ big bed in his place. A twist on the classic parental struggle of not letting kids sleep in their bed.

What I Thought:

The Big Bed starts with a semi-ominous, “We need to talk,” and the rest of the story takes the form of the little girl presenting her father with some pretty rock-solid arguments about why he should vacate his place in the Big Bed.

First of all, this kid KILLS ME. So much attitude. (But in a cute way, not an irritating way.) It totally seems like she’s heard her parents say these things and is now parroting them back. Hilarious, since my kids do the exact same thing.

One time, my then four-year-old and I had a very serious conversation about asking me to imagine how she feels when I tell her she isn’t allowed to have dessert before dinner. She was very earnest.

And the age old question… Who does Mommy belong to? (Hint: I AM MY OWN PERSON! ..Even though it doesn’t feel like it most days!)

I think my favourite part has to be: “Daddy, I see you. I hear you.” (Validating feelings is very important when you’re about to say something you know they’re not going to like.)

The text is spot-on, the illustrations are bright and beautiful, and the story is hilarious for both my kids AND myself.

I also liked this book because there wasn’t really an ending to it. What does the Dad say back? Who ends up on the camp cot? Sometimes I like a little unfinished business in my books!

What E Thought:

I loved it! I liked it because the girl just asked her Dad lots of questions that he couldn’t really argue about. And I liked it because she was so funny! She loved arguing like a grownup.

Where to Find It:

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