200 Women Who Will Change the Way You See the World is an inspiring read sure to fire up your inner activist.

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Title: 200 Women Who Will Change the Way You See the World
By: Ruth Hobday, Geoff Blackwell, and Kieran Scott
Rating: 10
Source: Raincoast Books

Description from Goodreads:

Two hundred women from a variety of backgrounds are asked the same five questions. Their answers are inspiring human stories of success and courage, love and pain, redemption and generosity. From well-known activists, artists, and innovators to everyday women whose lives are no less exceptional for that, each woman shares her unique replies to questions like “What really matters to you?” and “What would you change in the world if you could?”

Interviewees include conservation and animal welfare activist Jane Goodall, actor and human rights advocate Alfre Woodard, along with those who are making a difference behind the scenes around the world, such as Marian Wright Edelman, head of the Children’s Defense Fund. Each interview is accompanied by a photographic portrait, resulting in a volume that is compelling in word and image—and global in its scope and resonance.

This landmark book is published to coincide with an immersive traveling exhibition and an interactive website, building on this remarkable, ever-evolving project. With responses ranging from uplifting to heartbreaking, these women offer gifts of empowerment and strength—inviting us to bring positive change at a time when so many are fighting for basic freedom and equality.

What I Thought:

This gorgeous coffee table book pairs simply beautiful photography with compelling interviews, creating a fabulous feminist read. I love to pick it up and read an interview or two. With 200 women to learn about, there is always something new to discover.

Each woman has also chosen a word they most identify with – from “generosity” to “sorry,” from “unity” to “relentless.” My favourite pick is Margaret Atwood’s word – “and.” There is so much possibility in “and.”

The stories range from heartbreaking to hopeful. From human trafficking to raising children, the depth of the human experience is presented in 200 ways. This inspiring book has also caused me to think more about the people I interact with on a daily basis – what are their stories? What do I not know about their backgrounds? What has made them who they are? How can I know them better? How can I help them better?

I’ve left this book out in my living room, and people always love to pick it up and leaf through the pages. It always starts wonderful conversations!

Make sure to check out the terrific website www.twohundredwomen.com  where you can see videos of the interviews. You can also find a list of the charities each of the 200 women picked for a percentage of the profits to support. This isn’t just a feel-good book. This is a do-good book.

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Have you read this? Which interview was your favourite?