Say Zoop! And RAHHH. And Oh! Oh! Oh!

Title: Say Zoop!
Author and Illustrator: Herve Tullet
Rating: 9
Source: Raincoast Books for review

Description from Goodreads:

Make some noise! Shout “OH!” Whisper “oh!” Say “Zoop”? Yes! “Zoop!” “Zoop!” The newest book from Herv√© Tullet magically responds with bursts of color and moving shapes, empowering children by letting their imaginations liberate and direct each page’s reaction. Tullet’s books define the genre of participatory bookmaking, encouraging readers to explore and interact with the physical book in all its dimensions. The reward is tremendous: a journey of whimsy and sheer fun that extends well beyond the book’s pages. In this worthy and exhilarating companion to the bestselling trio launched with¬†Press Here, Tullet’s beloved dots will have readers literally “Ooh”-ing and “Ahh”-ing out loud in a happy collective encore.

What I Thought:

Presented in that beautifully simple Tullet style comes the next interactive picture book sure to capture your imagination. With its distinctive painted polka dots and primary colours, this timeless book will be sure to get your giggles out.

Throughout the story we play with speed, volume, quantity, endurance, temperature, emotion, robotics, music, and even interpersonal relationships.

My daughters love flipping to their favourite pages to scream the noises over and over again. And I love the sturdy cover that’s held up to their sometimes less-than-gentle handling.

Say Zoop, of course, is a fabulous read-aloud book and would be very fun to read with a class! (And noisy!) And with so many differing ideas as to what exactly an “OH!” should sound like, it would make for a wonderful discussion on perspective and opinions!

I have noticed other people mention this is not a good book for bed time, and I completely agree! It is way too fun and boisterous for night time. Read this one during the day when you can be as loud and rambunctious as you like! (That’s what we do and my girls LOVE IT.)

Now, say ZOOP!


Say, “Check out this book!”

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