Good Morning, City is a fresh and fun picture book going through a city’s morning routine.

Title: Good Morning, City
Author: Pat Kiernan
Illustrator: Pascal Campion
Rating: 8
Source: Raincoast Books for review
Description from Amazon:

While the baker, the ferry boat captain, and the TV anchorman are busy at work, most people are cozily snuggled in bed. Then dawn’s first light peeks through the tree branches. Wake up, city! There is much to be done in neighborhoods all across the metropolis. As the morning gets brighter, the city streets bustle with people ready to begin the day. GOOD MORNING, CITY, by morning news anchor Pat Kiernan, is sure to start the day off right.

What I Thought:

This beautiful wake-up story takes us through the morning routine of your average city.

The pictures start out dark and muted and with each turn of the page get lighter and brighter. The transition from deep purples and blues on the first page to the cheerful yellows and white on the last page is wonderfully refreshing. The illustrations are gorgeous, and my favourite page has to be the one with runners going through a speckled, fall-coloured park. Just beautiful.

The wide cast of characters and variety of jobs being performed are a great way to show diversity of the city. We see bakers, sailors, traffic cops, waitresses, transit drivers, and a family. There’s something for everyone!

My daughter loved the newspaper carrier the best. She sat and read this three times in a row!


The author, Pat Kiernan, is actually a morning news anchor! See if you can spot him in the book.


Wake up slowly with this gorgeous story.