Twelve Ways to Beat the Heat in Lethbridge

We’re in a heat wave. It sucks. And it isn’t showing any signs of letting up.

We just bought a house last month, and it has air conditioning! Glorious, glorious air conditioning. But before this house our rental place didn’t have A/C, and we would always melt. Yuck.

So we got pretty good at figuring out the best places to beat the heat in Lethbridge.

If you’re anything like us, in the heat everybody just gets cranky, miserable, and exhausted.

And for the next few weeks, not melting is pretty high on our to-do lists! Here’s the run-down of our favourites for both kids and adults:

Henderson Pool

This obviously must go at the top of the list – it’s outdoors, it’s fun, it’s new, and it’s a pool! (And according to rumours, not nearly as busy as it was last year.)


Lethbridge Public Library

The library constantly has activities and programmes for all ages, from rhyme time to book clubs to free movie screenings. Read a book while enjoying the A/C, let your kids read and play with the toys, or check out what’s going on!

Round Table Board Gamerie

Our favourite date night place is having a summer promotion! $5 gaming fee all summer long! They have dozens of games to choose from, whether you’re a newbie that’s more comfortable with checkers, or a hardcore gamer looking for a night of DnD.

Nicholas Sheran Spray Park

Tucked behind Nicholas Sheran pool is a great spray park and open field for the kids to frolic in. There is a more tame section for the littles, and water gun elephants and a rainbow tunnel for the more adventurous.

Park Place Mall

Mall walking. Everyone’s favourite old person activity!

Floating Down the River

We love doing this! This is how:

Take two vehicles, and drop one off at the pull-out under the highway 3 bridge.
Drive back up to the pull-out under Whoop-Up drive.
Pick your poison: float with just life jackets (quite the adventure!), inner tubes, or little boats!
Float your way down the river, under the High Level Bridge, and then head back into shore once you start seeing the highway bridge come into view.
Make sure to wear water shoes, as getting out of the river can be quite tricky! (I wouldn’t recommend bringing kids who can’t swim well! It’s easy to get separated on the water.)

Family Centre

In addition to all their amazing programs, the Family Centre also has a small play room that is open during the day for drop-in play time! There’s dress-up clothes, blocks, books, and all sorts of fun toys. But the most fun is definitely to be had in the big play room!


Kids bowl free all summer. Need I say more?

Galt Museum

Did you know that the museum is free on the first Friday of every month? Before we got our annual passes we would always go on those days! There is a tonne of interactive learning displays for the kids to enjoy, and the giant stuffed buffalo is always a crowd pleaser.

Helen Schuler Nature Centre

A super cute interpretative centre nestled in the coulees, you can work up a sweat wandering around Indian Battle park and then duck into the building to grab a drink and cool down!

Park Lake

Okay this one is technically just outside of Lethbridge, but it’s not too far. A great little beach to enjoy the summer weather on.

Movie Mill

On Wednesday and Thursday mornings this summer you can check out kids’ movies at the Mill for $1! Or since movies there are always cheap, check out what’s playing in the afternoon and hide out from the worst of the heat.

Mini Golf

After your movie at the Mill stick around for a game of mini putt! Fun for kids or as a nostalgic date night.

Suck Up to a Friend

If all else fails, phone a friend with A/C. We got your back.


What did I miss? What’s your favourite place to beat the heat in Lethbridge?