True North is a dystopian adventure where the one thing Lucy can’t run from, and the one thing she can’t seem to understand, is herself.

Title: True North
Author: L.E. Sterling
Rating: 8
Source: Raincoast Books for review


Description from Goodreads:

Abandoned by her family in Plague-ridden Dominion City, eighteen-year-old Lucy Fox has no choice but to rely upon the kindness of the True Borns, a renegade group of genetically enhanced humans, to save her twin sister, Margot. But Nolan Storm, their mysterious leader, has his own agenda.

When Storm backtracks on his promise to rescue Margot, Lucy takes her fate into her own hands and sets off for Russia with her True Born bodyguard and maybe-something-more, the lethal yet beautiful Jared Price. In Russia, there’s been whispered rumors of Plague Cure.

While Lucy fights her magnetic attraction to Jared, anxious that his loyalty to Storm will hurt her chances of finding her sister, they quickly discover that not all is as it appears…and discovering the secrets contained in the Fox sisters’ blood before they wind up dead is just the beginning.

As they say in Dominion, sometimes it’s not you…it’s your DNA.

What I Thought:

I hadn’t read the first book in the series before picking this one up, and while I did have some questions I felt most of them were answered by going through people’s reviews online, and by the book itself. But if you are going to read this, start with the first book!

The concept of Lasters, Splicers, and True Borns was very interesting, and I thought the distinctions between them were well made. It’s something that I could almost see happening in our own world – rich people save themselves, and to take from the book, everyone else has to “Evolve or die.”

Lucy grows as a character throughout the story, and her take-no-prisoners attitude is fantastic. I loved her relationship with her sister, Margot.

I didn’t love Jared at first, and his alternating hot-and-heavy and ice-cold personality was frustrating to say the least, but without spoilers I do want to say there at least is an explanation for it! It helped make his feelings toward Lucy so much more understandable.

We’re introduced to a new character, Alastair, whom I really liked. He’s mysterious, helpful, and maybe a little different?

My favourite part of the book was definitely once they get to Russia. It was fascinating to see the differences between Dominion and Russia! You really get a feel for the desperation people exude. This was also the most thrilling part of the book. I couldn’t put it down!

The adventures were exciting, the revelations shocking, and the emotions high.

Reading this definitely made me want to go search out the first book in the series. I’m excited to see the conclusion!


Since I’m part of the blog tour for True North, L.E. Sterling was kind enough to send over a bit of back story on the book!

Q: Did you already have the ending for the third in the series in mind while writing the sequel, True North?

A: When I started writing the first novel in the series, True Born, it was only ever meant to be a novella. I wrote it to be the “back story” for another set of novels I wanted to develop. But then it was just so intriguing and interesting… and people seemed to love it. So I started developing True Born into a trilogy.

The minute I started thinking about True Born as a series I had a pretty clear idea about what I want to see happen in each novel. In a way, though, True North was always much more solid in my mind than the third novel. I still knew how I wanted the final novel to end, but it wasn’t as clear how I would get there, if you know what I mean. That had to be worked out through the actual sitting down and thinking through a lot of plot and character and doing the actual writing.

In fact, I was working on the final novel while putting the finishing touches on True North, so there is a lot of connection between the novels. I can tell you that the final novel is a continuation of the previous two. Writing True North definitely helped me fill in a lot of the blanks in the third novel. But the ending of the series is pretty much exactly as I had always seen it in my head. I think (hope?) readers will love it!!

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