Creative Pep Talk is an amazing compilation of gorgeous illustrations and sage advice from experts in the field of awesome.

Title: Creative Pep Talk: Inspiration from 50 Artists
Author: Andy J. Miller
Rating: 10
Source: Raincoast Books for review

Description from Amazon:

Every artist needs a little pep talk now and then. An inspiring tool and beautiful art book in one, Creative Pep Talk offers illustrated words of wisdom from 50 of today’s leading creative professionals. With full-color, typographic prints and explanatory statements from a host of creative luminaries—including Aaron James Draplin, Oliver Jeffers, Lisa Congdon, Mike Perry, and many others—this volume encourages artists to stay excited, experiment boldly, and conquer fear. “Create curiosity,” “Learn to say no,” and “If you can’t be good, be different” are just a few of the motivational maxims in this visually rich collection that’s perfect for students, designers, artists, and creatives at any stage in their careers.

What I Thought:

I adored this book!

Each piece of advice is beautifully illustrated on the opposite page in 50 unique styles. My favourite part was opening a page and recognizing the artist’s work before I recognized their name.

The advice, while geared towards creatives, really could be used by anyone. It’s timeless! Also some advice books are a little too hokey for my tastes, but this one totally nails it.

As a blogger and instagrammer I loved the motivation it gave me to up my game. I’ve been a bit bogged down recently with everything, but reading this gave me the kick start I needed to jump back in! I can do this!

There are some books that lend themselves perfectly as gifts, and this is definitely one of them. Not only will the receiver love it, but you as the giver look super awesome for picking out such a rad present. It would also be great as a coffee table book, since it’s easy to pick up and leaf through. I love it.

Some of my favourite inspirational quotes and illustrations were:

Promise to stay wild.

It’s always worth it.

Live your dream.


Guys… there’s a podcast! Check out Creative Pep Talk for amazing advice, interviews, and inspiration.


Beautiful pictures. Beautiful minds.