From the woman who brought us “drops of awesome” comes a wonderful new journal designed to help us focus on filling our buckets with a positive mindset.

Title: Bucket of Awesome
Author: Kathryn Thompson
Rating: 9.5
Source: Familius Publishing for review

Description from Amazon:

Your life has a story, and every day, you choose how you tell that story. Is it tragic, hilarious, boring, or triumphant? You decide. And every day, you choose the tone of what happens next based on the way you remember and frame your past.

Buckets of Awesome is a processing and writing guidebook to help put your life into joyful and hopeful focus. Working through its pages, you will learn and remember all the things that have made your life so remarkable and you will come to tell your story from a place of joy and optimism.

You will get the benefit of a renewed sense of gratitude and purpose, and those who come after will be inspired by a document that tells the story of your unique life and perspective.

Don’t think you have a story worth telling? Give me an hour and I ll open your eyes to your Awesome!


What I Thought:

I loved this!

At the beginning of this journal are some bring-it-home truths from Kathryn. She helps us understand that our lives are made up of moments that we frame. We can decide to dwell on the bad, or we can choose to focus on the good. This journal helps us do the latter.

The prompts are excellent, with a wide range of questions. Examples:

  • If you could go back and visit your twelve-year-old self now, what would you tell him or her?
  • How would you describe your childhood in one word?
  • List five things you love about yourself, and write stories that exhibit how you’ve shown these attributes.

I love when books or journals ask me to write things I like about myself. We’re taught so often not to be vain or to think too highly of ourselves, but I find that it can easily go too far, to where we don’t like thinking about our positive traits at all. We need to remind ourselves why we’re awesome!

This is also going to sound kind of strange… But I love how cute it is, and that’s very important to me in a journal. I have about a dozen journals in my house, but I only actually use the ones I think are cute. If I don’t like looking at it, I don’t use it. Which is why I love this one. The cover is adorable!

Bucket of Awesome is a fantastic way to positively frame our experiences. It’s awesome!



Here’s the original post that sparked this awesome journal. I’m sure you must have seen it floating around Facebook when it first was written, but if you haven’t, you’ve gotta read it. It changed my life.



Don’t worry. Be happy. Remember it that way.