Mousetraps. Venus fly traps. Tooth floss spider webs. Cardboard boxes. Gotta catch em all!

Title: How to Catch the Tooth Fairy
Author: Adam Wallace
Illustrator: Andy Elkerton
Rating: 9
Readability: 10
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Description from Goodreads:

Losing a tooth is an exciting and notable event in the life of a child – what will the tooth fairy bring? Following up on the New York Times best-seller How to Catch a Leprechaun, this book presents a wonderfully creative opportunity for children and parents to have fun and celebrate together.
How to catch the Tooth Fairy?
It’s not an easy task.
You can try to catch her,
but she is just too fast!

What I Thought:


The tooth fairy flies around collecting teeth, but in each home the children have set traps for her! Each contraption gets increasingly complex and diabolical as the story progresses.

I love the direction that Elkerton took the illustrations. Usually fairies are depicted as ethereal, timeless entities. But in this book the fairies wear bomber jackets, toques, army helmets, combat boots, and chew bubble gum. Such a fun twist!

The colours are bright and vibrant with great movement in the characters. I really love his style.

Wallace wrote a very easy to read book. The rhymes flow nicely and tell a hilarious story. I love that the tooth fairy saves a couple of friends along the way, and that they turn up to help her out at the end. This book even has morals!

I also loved seeing the diversity of children and fairies in this book. Boys and girls of many different ethnicities were included, and at the end a boy named Sanjeev lays the most expert trap of the night.

I don’t think I’ve ever read a book about the tooth fairy before, but I’m glad I read this one! Wonderfully written, spunkily drawn, and just all around fun.


I found this super cute app where you can put a picture of a fairy over top of a picture of your sleeping kid so they have “proof” that the tooth fairy was there. Adorable! Check it out at


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