Kidnapping. Near-drowning. Theft. Jail time.

Curious about this thriller of a book? Read on, dear friends!

Title: Curious George
By: H.A. and Margaret Rey
Rating: 9
Readability: 7
 Raincoast Books for review

Description from Goodreads:

The first adventure in this highly popular series tells how the little monkey Curious George, caught in the jungle and brought back to the city by a man in a yellow hat, can’t help being interested in all the new things around him. Though well meaning, George’s curiosity always gets him into trouble. Young readers can easily relate, and Rey’s cheerful illustrations celebrate Curious George’s innocence.

What I Thought:

I was delightfully shocked at George’s origin story.

While I’ve read other Curious George books and seen the tv show a few times, I’ve never actually read this particular book before, so I was really excited to review it.

Animal abduction, smoking, and imprisonment for falsely calling 911 were among the more scandalous aspects of this book. And even though by today’s standards this book might seem (more than) a little politically incorrect, it was a fascinating look at what stories used to be like.

My daughter really loves this book and is always intrigued by George’s antics. Her favourite part is when George steals the balloons from the balloon man and gets swept away across the city.

The story isn’t the most readable book I’ve ever read aloud, but it wasn’t bad. But this is definitely one classic we will keep forever. I mean, come on. It’s Curious George! Kids just go bananas over that crazy monkey!

This edition has super cute foil on the cover and includes a free downloadable audio book read by John Krasinski (of The Office fame).  The sound effects and music that go along with the audio book make it totally adorable, and Krasinski’s narration is perfect. He even does voices!


Apparently when Curious George was published Margret Rey’s name wasn’t included Curious George 75th Anniversary Edition Reybecause the publisher thought there were too many women already writing children’s literature. Yikes.

And when she and her husband were fleeing the Nazis in Paris, one of the few things they took with them on their flight was a manuscript for Curious George. Isn’t that amazing?


Action. Adventure. True love! (Okay, maybe not that last one…)