I have a super awesome guest post today! And it’s a game! (Extra super awesome because it’s my first one. So.)

Ali over at The Bandar Blog has an ingenious post going every Monday where she presents us with beautiful graphics that have a vague description of a book on them. And we have to try and guess what in the heck they are. Kind of like those blind date with a book things I’ve seen from bookstores. They are always so fun and I just love looking at them every week! So run on over to her blog and check it out for yourself!

I also did a guest post for her a couple weeks ago and tried my hand at doing a Mystery Monday. It was much harder than I thought to try and think of something that would give you enough that you could guess, but not too much that it was easy. You can find my guest post at The Bandar Blog here!

So post your guesses down below, and in a couple days we’ll let you know the answers!




Happy guessing!