This wordless book has left me speechless.

Title: Flora and the Peacocks
Author and Illustrator: Molly Idle
Rating: 9.5
Readability:  10
Source: Raincoast Books for review

Description from Goodreads:

The darling, dancing Flora is back, and this time she’s found two new friends: a pair of peacocks! But amidst the fanning feathers and mirrored movements, Flora realizes that the push and pull between three friends can be a delicate dance. Will this trio find a way to get back in step? In the third book featuring Flora and her feathered friends, Molly Idle’s gorgeous art combines with clever flaps to reveal that no matter the challenges, true friends will always find a way to dance, leap, and soar—together.

My Thoughts:

An elegant look at the struggles young children so often face in friendship.

This dancing trio is brought to life with gorgeous flaps that open and close both fans and tails. The last page is a kid-wowing double page fold out that brings this dramatic performance to a close. (Totally the best page.)

Can I just tell you how much I love wordless books? It certainly isn’t easy to compose a compelling tale through words. But to be able to simply show the story, and let the characters speak for themselves? I can’t even imagine how much effort must go into it. Idle portrays the story seamlessly with facial expressions, body language and the movement of the flaps.

Flora and the Peacocks illustration.jpg

The conflict between each of the characters in turn is certainly a relatable life-lesson that is easily teachable through the compelling illustrations. My daughter Evelyn is extremely introverted and this book helped broach the tricky subject of what to do when friends leave out other friends. Feelings get hurt and people get mad, but Flora knows just how to mend things and make everyone feel better.

This book definitely lives on our keep-away-from-baby shelf. The flaps are just made out of regular paper so parental supervision is required for the youngins! My four year old has always been outrageously careful with books though so she’s okay with it on her own. (Like, scarily careful. She’s probably only ripped one book in her entire life, and I’m pretty sure she cried about it afterwards. Even when she was a baby!)


Flora has some other feathered friends in previous books by Idle. Both a flamingo and a cute little penguin join her in her dances. I’ll have to check out the penguin one for sure since they are my daughter’s favourite animal!

Another wordless book that I adore is Journey by Aaron Becker. If you haven’t read it, run to your nearest bookstore or library and check it out!

Journey Aaron Becker.jpg


Have you read a wordless story that has taken your breath away?