They’re cozy. And they’re classics. And they are the most adorable things I’ve ever seen. What more do you need?

Title: Cozy Classics Pride and Prejudice & Great Expectations
By: Jack and Holman Wang
Pride and Prejudice: 10
Great Expectations: 10
Readability:  10
Source: Raincoast Books for review

Description from

Cozy Classics is the popular board book series abridging well-loved stories into just 12 words and 12 needle-felted illustrations. These unique and inventive board books serve as true word primers for toddlers, storytelling vehicles for older kids, and ironic and humorous coffee-table pieces for adults!

Pride and Prejudice: After Mr. Darcy refuses to dance with Elizabeth, he has a change of heart. Will Elizabeth overcome her first impressions and accept his offer of marriage?

Great Expectations: After Pip receives a fortune from a mysterious benefactor, he goes off to London to become a gentleman. Will this be enough to win Estella’s heart?

What I Thought:

There are certain books you come across that are instant treasures in your library. Cozy Classics are those gems.

At only 12 words long these books are perfect for young babies and toddlers being introduced to classic literature, as well as great for preschoolers who are just learning how to read. When Evelyn was first starting to sound out words these books were total confidence boosters for her.

The Pride and Prejudice book appears to be based off of the Keira Knightley/Matthew Macfadyen version of the movie (sorry, fans of sopping wet Colin Firth.) My favourite page has to be the “muddy” one. The detail is total perfection, and the lighting is simply incredible.

The “marry” page is stunning as well, with the two happy couple standing in front of a gorgeous stained glass window. And Mr. Darcy’s stance on the “mean” page? I mean… come on. It’s just so. so. so. good.

The Great Expectations book is amazing, with the strange Miss Havisham looking particularly creepy. I was a little alarmed that my daughter’s favourite page was the one where she catches on fire, but it is a pretty darn exciting part of the book. So there’s that.

The details in this book are hold-up-to-your-face-to-see-better amazing. The tiny clocks, miniature playing cards, and even a seal on an envelope that can’t be bigger than the head of a pin. How do they do it? Are they woolen wizards? Fairies of felting? I need to know.

Side note: I wrote this review and then realized that I had used the word “perfect” about six times, and had to go back and change most of them. But I just wanted you guys to know how PERFECTLY PERFECT I think these books are!


Another great Pride and Prejudice book for children is Goodnight Mr. Darcy, which I reviewed earlier this year. Check it out here.

I stumbled across this terrific interview with Jack and Holman Wang here at Gimme Some Oven  and you can even get some behind-the-scenes looks at how they create these tiny masterpieces!

If you’d like to add these to your library (and of course you’d like to) you can click these links to buy them through my affiliate links:

Pride and Prejudice

Great Expectations

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So what do you think? Cozy and classic-y enough for ya?
Have you read these books? What did you think?
(If you don’t like them I’m not sure we can be friends anymore.)