A book that makes being a Dad seem like no big deal. In a good way.

Title: Gator Dad
Author and Illustrator: Brian Lies
Rating: 7.5
Readability:  7
Source: Raincoast Books for review

Description from Amazon:

From seemingly mundane tasks such as grocery shopping to more active pursuits like a romp at the park and fort-building, a loving and playful father alligator shows his gator kids that the simplest pleasures done together can make for an incredibly fun day.

What I Liked:

There are a lot of books about mothers, and the special bond we share with our children. There are not quite so many about fathers. But this book fills that need very nicely.

I loved that it was just a normal day for this little family. They ran errands, had adventures, and watched the clouds go by. The little gators obviously love their Gator Dad very much.

There were some little touches that were cute, like Deerios cereal and Talon Ton-R in the tub. And I loved the part where the Dad lets the kids smell the mysterious rotten food from the fridge. So gross! So hilarious!

Evelyn’s favourite page was the one where they fall into the river. I seriously had to read that part to her like ten times. She laughed maniacally every time. Little turkey.

What I Didn’t Like:

The story just didn’t quite have the flow I look for in picture books. It almost seemed as though it was going to rhyme but then didn’t. It made me use a bit more brain power than I wanted to in trying to read this out loud and have it sound the way I wanted it to.


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Just a Gator Dad, doin his Gator Dad thing.