Title: Mamasaurus
Author and Illustrator:
Stephan Lomp
Raincoast Books for review

Description from Goodreads:

This colorful and reassuring picture book follows Babysaurus on an adventure as he enlists his prehistoric friends to seek his Mamasaurus. Is his Mamasaurus the fastest in the jungle? No. Is she the loudest? No. Is she the best flyer? No! Of course, Mamasaurus has been right there all along. And when Babysaurus needs a little help, she is ready with a big hug and a sweet, leafy snack. For Babysaurus, his Mamasaurus is the best mamasaurus in the world!

What I Liked:

The high contrast illustrations in this book are just so refreshing. I think black backgrounds in books are way under used/appreciated/repped. The vibrant colours of the dinosaurs offer a satisfying pop against the darkness behind them. I think the background even gives it more of a prehistoric feel!

This new (old? Jurassic?) take on “Are You My Mother?” is one of our favourites now in our house. The Mamasaurus just has such a sweet Mama face on her. I love it.

This is going to sound weird but I really liked the texture of the pages. They’re thick and glossy. Don’t judge me.

And can we just talk about how adorable the dinosaurs’ names are? Ornito, Tritopa, Ptero, Hespero, and of course, Rexy. I loved that Lomp was able to make words like “ornithosaurus” palatable for budding paleontologists. Although teaching my four year old to say ornithosaurus was pretty dang cute!

What I Didn’t Like:

At the climax of the book when Babysaurus meets Rexy (spoilers) it wasn’t exactly clear that Rexy was considering Babysaurus for a snack. On the page after though you do realize what was going through Rexy’s mind whilst sizing up the cute yellow creature. This was the only change I would make in the entire book!


Remember how we used to joke about how many Land Before Time movies there were?

THERE ARE 14 OF THEM NOW. And the last one came out this year so there are no signs of slowing down! Good for you, Littlefoot. Good for you.


Are you my Mamasaurus?

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