Happy Star Wars Day, everyone!

I’ve put together a little post with some of our favourite scruffy-looking, kid-friendly, nerf-herding books.

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Epic Yarns – A New Hope – This was the first Epic Yarns book I ever read. SO. ADORABLE. Important scenes from the movie are recreated in gorgeous little vignettes made of felted wool with a one-word descriptor on the opposite page. So well done. We love these books in our house!

Epic Yarns – Return of the Jedi – Favourite page:


Epic Yarns – The Empire Strikes Back – The thrilling woolly conclusion to the original Star Wars trilogy. The Jabba the Hutt character is basically perfect.

Vader’s Little Princess – A hilarious imagining of what life would have been like if Vader had been the one raising Leia. Tea parties, teeth-brushing, bringing home boyfriends and choosing a college are all made ten times more entertaining with a looming (and sometimes clueless) Darth Vader leading the way.


Darth Vader and Son – The son (and original) version of Darth Vader’s parenting journey. Bike riding, breakfast, and learning to use the force are a few of the hurdles Vader has to try to jump. Loved this one.

Okay folks! What are your favourite Star Wars books?


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