A picture book that is secretly as much for the parent’s enjoyment as it is the kid’s? Goodnight!

Title: Goodnight Mr. Darcy
Author: Kate Coombs
Illustrator: Alli Arnold
Rating: 7.5
Readability:  6.5


 The adored children’s classic Goodnight Moon gets a classic lit makeover in this charming parody of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice novel. All of Austen’s much-loved characters are at the Netherfield Ball.

In the great ballroom, there was a country dance, and a well-played tune, and Elizabeth Bennett; and Mr. Darcy surprised, by a pair of fine eyes . . . And don’t forget Jane with a blush and Mr. Bingley turned to mush, and a gossiping mother and father saying hush. (From Goodreads)

What I Liked:

I saw this at the store and just had to get it. Two classics for the price of one!

I actually prefer the illustrations in this book over the ones in Goodnight Moon. I mean, for a book as well-loved as Goodnight Moon, the illustrations really aren’t great. The perspective is completely off and the colours are pretty dang offensive to the eye.

Arnold takes the colour inspiration from Goodnight Moon and softens it, making it much more palatable. And I mean come on, the “Goodnight mush” page with Mr. Bingley is adorable. He is just a big ole softy.

What I Didn’t Like:

It was a little hard to read. The rhyming really left quite a bit to be desired. For instance Kitty, witty, and pretty were rhymed in a row, but then on the previous page the sentence ends and there isn’t a rhyming partner for it. Much like the poor Miss Bennett at Netherfield Ball.


Mr Darcy I Love You


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