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March 2016

A Robot in the Garden – A Review

I’ll readily admit that I chose this book based on its cover.  Spoiler: The inside is just as cute.

The Cenote – A Review

This book made me stay up past my bedtime. Significantly past my bedtime.

Chelsea Dyreng – Author Interview

What are the odds that out of the two interviews I’ve conducted that both would include the word “milpa”? Read on to find out more about The Cenote by Chelsea Dyreng – a Mesoamerican mystery filled with love, secrets and corn.

Goodnight Mr. Darcy – A Review

A picture book that is secretly as much for the parent’s enjoyment as it is the kid’s? Goodnight!

Mothers of the Village – A Review

I want to go back in time and hand a younger version of myself a copy of this book. All mothers should read this.

CJ Schneider – Author Interview

Debut author CJ Schneider talks about her insightful new book, Mothers of the Village, and about writing, research, art and the Iroquois.

I decided to put on my big girl pants and buy my own domain. Welcome to the new and improved Quillable! Same great books, same great taste, new great site.

Someday – A Review

Looking for a Mother’s Day gift that’s sure to make her cry? Have I got a book for you!  

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