Bus Stop
Day Five of 30 Day Challenge – The Male Perspective
Writing prompt from www.shesnovel.com

One evening, no editing.


There she was. Finally.

I’d been waiting at the bus stop for an hour so I could “accidentally” bump into her there. I’d let six buses go by.

She came and stood in the bus shelter beside me. Beside me? Or just near me? Was there a difference? Why was my heart pounding so much already?

She must have sensed my anxiety because she looked over at me and smiled that body-melting smile. If she had a super power, it would be turning men’s legs into Jell-O.

That was my chance.

“Hey, so I know we’ve been chatting for weeks but I don’t think I actually know your name. Mine is Tim.”

“Well hi Tim, it’s nice to meet you. My name is June.”

June. So fitting. So perfect. Of course her name was summer and heat and fun.

Now what? What else am I supposed to say?

“So… where are you going today June?”

“Oh just heading off to work! What about you, Tim?”

Quick. I had to think of something. Something good. Something exciting. But not too exciting. Something that would make me seem smart. I looked up into her Jolly Rancher green eyes.

“The library!”

“Well that’s interesting.”

Nailed it.

Shoot. The bus was coming. It was now or never.

“Actually the library is quite interesting. Maybe you would like to come with me some time? We could grab coffee afterwards? Maybe dinner?”

The way her eyes sparkled and the ends of her lips curled into a smile I knew I was getting somewhere.

“Why Tim that is so nice of you to ask. You seem like such a great guy.”

Good, good. Keep going.

“But I just don’t know if that would work out. We’re very different, you and I.”

That’s where I interjected. “Different is good! Different keeps things exciting.”

She actually broke into a laugh. And broke my heart.

“It definitely would be exciting.” She grinned. “How about we make a deal? In six years if you’re still interested you can give me a call. I’m very flattered. Really. Have a fantastic time at the library, Tim.”

And just like that she was gone. It was the first time I had ever been rejected. The first time I had let my heart out of its cage, and the first time it was shattered.

I had started the day a twelve year old boy. I ended it a man.